The resilience of animals

We took a camping trip this past weekend, and arranged for family to come check in on Tang. We kept him caged up still so he wouldn’t hurt himself while we were gone. Upon returning, I hurried back to see him. Something changed while we were gone – he became himself again. That shine was back in his eyes, his fur was growing back, and he was ready to come out. We let him out, worried that the litter box, stairs, bed, etc. would give him problems.

Within the first 15 minutes, he had traveled down the steps, found his regular litterbox, climbed the steps and jumped up on the bed. Even the baby gates gave him little trouble. He’s very glad to get back to all his favorite spots: on our bed, in my chair and on our laps (where he’s sitting right now :))

I imagine some folks will find these entries searching for information when their cat is facing some tough times. If you’re facing the decision whether to amputate a beloved pet’s leg to try to save him or her, my advice to you is don’t give a second thought as to how your pet will cope with only three legs. I read somewhere that cats have three legs and a spare, and I can assure you that’s true.

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  1. That’s pretty awesome. Glad to hear that he’s on the mend. When he’s got more fur and is looking a bit better, you need to upload a short video of him walking around with 3 legs. 🙂

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