Pinewood Derby

Even though I’ve added some content, I haven’t actually “posted” to this site since 2011. In the past I created a static “page” for anything interesting I put here, then a simple “post” to draw attention to it. A “post” has a date associated, and is the basis for a “blog”, which this site really isn’t anymore.

Anyway, since I’ve been adding stuff, I might as well create a post to lead you to it. Cub scout pinewood derby time is upon us again, so I’ve put up some information about the cars my kids and I have made. Take a look at the project page!

Bad Piggies pinewood derby car

Archived Geocaches in Central IL

One thing doesn’t make easy is finding the location of archived caches. I grabbed my whole history of pocket query files (back to April 2004) and built a GPX file containing all archive caches I could get my hands on. The map below shows up to 50 miles from Peoria, but my data is most complete within 30 miles of Peoria.
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