I’m dangerous after 9 o’clock

I don’t like to stay late at work on a regular basis. If I stay late, that’s less time I get to see Evan before bed time, and if I stay too late I don’t get to see him at all. As a result, when I need to work extra hours, I save them up and work 15-16 hour days. If I’m going to miss Evan’s bedtime, I might as well miss it by a long shot. That’s what I’m doing this week (thanks to all the extra non-project work I’ve had the “opportunity” to do).

The problem is the system on our doors at work. You have to wave your badge in front of a reader in order to get in or out of the building. I’ve left around 10pm the past few nights, but I don’t have badge access that late. Apparently, at some point in the evening, I go from being a trusted and valued employee to a suspected thief, vandal, etc. As a result, I have to hit the call button and ask the security staff to let me out. Tonight, the remote system wasn’t working. There’s no better way to cap off a 15 hour day than to stand by the door, mere yards from your car, waiting for the 2nd shift security guard to cross the entire building to come let you out…

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