Good news for Tang

We got the results of Tang’s biopsy today, and the results were actually pretty good. The biopsy did determine that the cancer was fibrosarcoma as they thought. They gave his prognosis as “favorable” provided that the cancer had not previously metastatisized and that the tumor had been completely removed. Test results show that both of those conditions are true. They checked the “surgical margins” and they were clean, which means that the tumor had not spread past the parts they removed.

Tang is recovering nicely. He’s gotten pretty good at hopping around on three legs when we let him out of his enclosure. He’s still eating and drinking well, and his fur is regrowing nicely. I took some pictures and thought about posting some pictures, but it’s still not a very pretty sight. I’ll post some when his fur grows back.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

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  1. I’m sure glad Tang is doing well. Our pets are very dear to us.Are they not? Give that little Evan a hug for me.

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