Superbowl oddities

Yesterday we had a superbowl party, and in short, a number of things went a little oddly…

First, and most obviously, the 14-point underdog NY Giants pulled it off!

Secondly, on saturday at 4pm, prior to shopping for the party, we had 8 families (28 people) planning to join us for the game. Within the next 6 hours, that number had reduced to 3 families, mostly due to illnesses. Funny how that happens with kids…

Third, as our guests started to arrive, we experienced the rather rare phenomenon of “thundersnow.” Actually, that was the third time we had it this year.

Finally, about ONE MINUTE before kickoff, the local high-def station carrying the game went off the air… Thankfully we were able to switch over to the standard definition version, which was unaffected. The high-def station came back on about 20 minutes later.

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