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  1. LOL, I saw them in 1988 at the Illinois State Fair… my sister LOVED them so much. The concert was entertaining, but I have to wonder if their music will hold up if they get back together.

  2. Oh, my! Say it isn’t true. Another teacher and I were joking last Friday that we were both ashamed to admit we still have our audiotapes of the New Kids on the Block.

  3. I can top that. I don’t remember exactly how I came to be in possession of it, but I’ve got the CD… I think it was given to me in this decade.

    I’m also ashamed to admit that I probably remember more of the lyrics than I’d care to admit. I guess that’s the whole point of “pop” though…

  4. … I seem to recall the CD being a gag gift at a Christmas party…

    and Danny sorta refuted all the talk on his MySpace page, so who knows if it’s happening or not… 🙁

  5. 1) You don’t completely overhaul a website for the fun of it.

    2) I’ve never heard the songs that are playing in the video. It’s nothing that’s been released that I know of – and it sounds way too mature for “the old days” …

    And Danny’s MySpace postings are tellingly vague.

    They’re reuniting. Just a matter of when.


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