Seeking: long lost friends

Just the other night I was cruising the logs for this site, and it reminded me of a post I’ve been wanting to make.

Despite having very little meaningful content, I’ve had somewhere around a quarter million hits on this site, and I’ve had quite a few search terms end up in the top few hits on search engines. Here are a few that have been near the top recently:

There are also a number of people whose names, if searched for, lead directly to this site. That got me thinking… There are a number of long-lost friends that I’d like to hear from, just to see what’s going on in their lives, etc. I haven’t been able to find them by searching the internet, but that’s mostly because of the common names. How do I know I’ve found the right person? At any rate, I thought I’d try an experiment. I’ll post those names here in hopes that some of them will find this post when searching for their own name. I figure there’s a better chance of them searching for their own name than searching for mine!

Disclaimer: my apologies if you read this post but don’t find your own name here… I’d still like to hear from you! I’ll probably add more names to this list later.

Ok, here goes:

  • John Johnson – Bradley University, Heitz Hall in 1995 and Castle Rock, Washington (any wonder I can’t find him!?)
  • Brent Meyers – Havana, IL
  • Mike Webber – Havana, IL
  • Mike Rayburn – Havana, IL

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