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I knew it would only be a matter of time before a product or company would upset me, forcing me to write about the experience here. I plan to write about things I recommend as well, so fair is fair.

Three months ago I tried to sign up online for web hosting with A few days later, I hadn’t gotten any information from them, so I called their customer service line for some help. They told me that they had no record of me in their system, so no big deal – I’ll find someone else. A couple of days ago I happened to notice a small charge on my credit card statement, and realized I’d been getting charged for this service. I call, leave a message (apparently they prefer email), miss their return call the next day, and get someone on the phone today. I explain, and tell them I want a refund. Easy enough, I figure…

They ask why I didn’t cancel my service earlier. I told them that I never received a confirmation email, have never logged on to their system, and on my last support call was told they had no record of me. I suggested they check their records to validate my claims. The guy says they don’t log their support calls, and that they did send me an email…

I justed wanted to be done with them, so I settled for a refund of hosting fees from this quarter. has been good to me, both in their actual service (I feel I’m getting my money’s worth) and their customer service. I haven’t gotten that angry with a customer service rep since my dealings with Lingo VoIP (go for Packet8 instead) or the last time I ordered a Dell PC (which I love, by the way) from a particularly hard-selling phone rep.

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