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In a true test of human multitasking ability, I’m posting this entry while simultaneously watching two video tapes. For the last couple of winters I’ve been working on cataloging my entire library of home videos, including the two big boxes full from mom’s collection, over 160 in all. I’m down to about two dozen tapes.

It’s a nice trip down the proverbial memory lane, seeing old jazz band concerts, camping trips, band carnivals, Lift gigs, proms, graduations, stop-motion animations, weddings, parades, park district soccer games, musicals… well, you get the idea. The next steps are to organize, capture, edit and burn the results to DVD. I figure these DVD’s will be fun to watch at my retirement party. I’m sure they’ll be done just in time.

A few thoughts:

  • I’ve never seen so much bad hair.
  • Man, Matt can play. Always could, too, as far back as my tapes go, at least.
  • I must be obsessive-compulsive. I recently finished up a similar project for all the audio I had.
  • Thanks, Mom, for capturing so many good memories.

Oops, better rewind… I missed a song change. Perhaps one tape at a time is my limit.

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  1. You are very welcome, dear! If you still want to test your multitasking abilities, I have many boxes of snapshots you can go through!! The job could probably take you until Evan’s graduation.

  2. This is the type of project that you bequeath to your children. It won’t be ready for your retirement, but your funeral. 😉 My dad is going through a similar undertaking; on and off for the past year or two, making almost no progress. All I have to say is good luck…

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