Sterilite storage tubs

For several years we’ve been buying the 18-gallon Sterilite plastic storage totes. They’ve offered the same grey tubs (item #1815) for years, and we’ve bought dozens of them. They sell for around $4 and are roughly 24 inches long, 18 inches wide, and exactly 15-3/8 inches tall. Because of this de facto standardization, I’ve built […]

What’s going on with Packet8’s Freedom Choice 500 plan?

We use Packet8 for our home phone service. It’s an inexpensive VoIP service which provides 500 outgoing minutes for $15 a month. Today I received an email from Packet8 (now known as 8×8) which says: 8×8 will be discontinuing the Freedom Choice plan, and effective June 1, 2009, your plan will be changed to: 8×8 […]

The Christmas (shopping) Spirit!

I’ve always been under the impression that Christmas, regardless of your religious affiliation, was a time of giving and goodwill toward your fellow man. Whereas Christmas might bring out the best in people, Christmas shopping certainly must bring out the worst. In an attempt to get past some of the incidents of this Christmas shopping […]