Password-protected podcasts on Android

One of the first things I wanted to do when I got my Android phone was get my podcasts available to me without having to sync with my computer (as was basically required on my iPod Touch). There are a number of choices for “podcatchers” on Android, but many of them don’t handle password-protected podcasts. […]

Top offline iPod Touch apps

This past summer I got an iPod touch, and it’s easily the coolest gadget I’ve had in quite some time. Despite being pocket sized, it’s somehow big enough to do just about anything computer-related that I want to do. While the hardware itself is nice, what really makes it useful is all the applications available […]

What’s going on with Packet8’s Freedom Choice 500 plan?

We use Packet8 for our home phone service. It’s an inexpensive VoIP service which provides 500 outgoing minutes for $15 a month. Today I received an email from Packet8 (now known as 8×8) which says: 8×8 will be discontinuing the Freedom Choice plan, and effective June 1, 2009, your plan will be changed to: 8×8 […]

Windows Mobile phone setup part 5 – GooSync

Previously, I posted about using ScheduleWorld for synchronizing my calendar to my Windows Mobile phone. Due to some problems I experienced, I withdrew my recommendation, but I’ve got something that’s working pretty well for me now. I’m using the free version of GooSync, and in my testing it’s been very reliable. The free version is […]