A couple of weeks ago, my parents were kind enough to give me a new “netbook.” It’s an Asus EEE PC 1000HE, which is a 10 inch laptop. Here it is next to my regular laptop:


It runs Windows XP and has a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of memory. The keyboard is smaller than a regular laptop, but it didn’t take long to adapt. I’ve run some benchmarks, and it’s definitely “slower” than my full-size laptop, but in practice, I haven’t noticed any difference for general web browsing, etc. Even though portability wasn’t a major goal, I’m quite happy with my choice due to one particular feature: the 8-9 hour battery life.

There are tons of reviews out there, so there’s not a lot of point in repeating what they all say. One thing I can add is my electricity usage measurements. Using my trusty kill-a-watt, I took the following readings:

  • idle, power save mode: 10 watts
  • idle, super performance mode: 11 watts levitra from india
  • idle, screen off: 9 watts
  • playing DVD video: 14 watts
  • standby: 1 watt

For comparison, my full-size laptop, a Dell Inspiron 6000, uses 22 watts when idle. My netbook uses less than half of that. I imagine that might just contribute to the excellent battery life!

For all more power measurements, see my Electricity Usage Measurements page.

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