Published: 10/17/2020

I recently bought an FT Aura 5 flight controller, and I wasn’t sure it was going to with my FlySky FS-I6X radio system. Neither was FliteTest or Flex (manufacturer of the Aura 5). The big problem is that the FS-IA6B receiver supports I-BUS, and the Aura 5 only supports S-BUS. As it turns out, it does work, and it’s not hard to set up.

TL:DR version: The FS-IA6B receiver actually support S-BUS as well, and you have to enable that using the transmitter.

IDLR (I don’t like reading) version: watch my video instead.

First, wire everything up. Connect the receiver to the flight controller using the female-to-female servo cord included with the FT Aura 5. The black ground is toward the bottom of the Aura 5 board, and to the left on the receiver.

Connect the Aura 5 to your ESC. The Aura 5 is powered from the ESC, and the receiver is in turn powered through the Aura 5. Plug the ESC into the leftmost port (S1) on the Aura 5 board. Hook up some servos to another port so you can see that it’s working. Don’t hook up the motor yet, but plug a battery into the ESC.

Finally, go into the settings on your radio. Go to System Setup > RX Setup > Output Mode > S-BUS. Then press and hold Cancel to comfirm.

At this point, your sticks should operate the servos, and if you tip the board, the servos should respond as well.

One thing I had to change, which may be specific to my setup. I had to reverse the throttle channel. You’re supposed to be able to reverse servos from the quick edit mode on the board, but that didn’t work for me, so I just used the FT Aura Config Tool and that quickly solved it. Remember to be safe with your motor. Mine took a bite out of my finger even without the propeller attached because the reverse channel caught me by surprise.

Happy flying!

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