Playset construction day 3.5

Ok, I’ll call this the update day 3 and a half, since I can’t really count the short amount of daylight after work as a full day. I did work until 9pm last night using spotlights, but anyway…

Dusty has been helping me, and we’ve finished the main framing, basically. It’s taken quite a bit of work with all the countersinking, the multiple decks, etc. Besides, my arms are getting tired and my drill bits are getting dull. I still need to put on the railings and the decking along with building the swing beam and slide attachments (though the slide is still on order). All the temporary diagonal braces have been taken off, but I’m going to put some real braces in place once I have the other stuff done.

Here’s a picture of our progress:

Framing done

Now that we can visualize a little better, I think we’re going to put a “crow’s nest” way up high over the staircase. We have lots of post left over at the top and plenty of strength, so that might be a neat way to make it one-of-a-kind. Here’s another picture with me in it, to provide a sense of scale (I’m 5’10”). The platform I’m standing on is 5 feet off the ground, and the slide will attach on the right side near my feet.

Me with the completed framing

I still have a little bit of squaring and leveling to do. I’m sure I’ll have to level from time to time as the ground settles, but before I put the decking on I’ll have to nudge the posts just a bit to get everything perfectly square.

There are lots of photos on the project page in case you want more details. 

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