Playset construction day 2

I planned on spending most of today (sunday) working on the playset, but we got a phone call in the morning from the in-laws. They came up to visit Evan, and the side effect was that I had a couple of sets of extra hands!

My father-in-law, sister-in-law Megan and I managed to get the other two front-back walls put into place. We used basically the same techniques as I used on the first wall, but having some extra pulling power meant that we were able to move each wall in one piece. Too bad I couldn’t get the garden tractor started – my shoulders are bruised and scraped from my “yoke!” Here’s the result of the day’s work:

Playset walls tacked in place in the yard

Once again, lots of temporary braces to both hold things square and make my neighbors skeptical of my design and construction 🙂 We faced a few challenges getting things square, since the ground was a uneven, but shimming one of the walls up 1/2″ solved the problems. I’m sure the ground will settle a little under the weight, but we’ve prepared for that- it’ll be easy to lower or raise the legs as needed.

While I’m posting, I might as well share a couple of goofy pictures. It was pretty hard to visualize the initial design, so I looked for an easy way to make a mockup. The best thing I found was my old Construx building set. Maybe it’ll help you envision what the finished set is going to look like. Evan knew what it was – the first time he saw it he said “slide! slide!”

Construx model of playset

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