Meeting the neighbors

I’ve found there are three ways to meet your neighbors around here.

1. Use
2. Have your expensive packages left on their doorstep
3. Have a yard sale and buy each other’s stuff

Yesterday we got a knock on our door- our new DVD recorder (more on that subject later) was delivered to our neighbors (who we’d never met before). The Fedex guy apparently thought Highview Ct and High Oak Drive were interchangeable. To top it off, he didn’t require a signature, and left it in the rain. Thankfully our neighbors were upstanding citizens and let us know about the mistake.

Today we had a neighborhood yard sale. The sale was scheduled for Friday 3-7pm and Saturday 8-4. We opened at about 1pm and did $120 of business before 4pm. After 4pm we only sold $22 of stuff. Our experiment with an evening sale was basically a bust. A lot of people had problems finding the neighborhood because the newspaper ad and signs weren’t very specific, but we still had about 100 visitors. I spent most of yesterday evening hastily making some signs to at least tell people how to find the subdivision. Some of the junk that was the first to go was stuff that I expected I’d to be throwing away. I’ve created a specific “Man-land” table in hopes of drawing in male customers, and so far it’s working pretty well.

We have high hopes for tomorrow. I don’t want to keep this junk!

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