Garage sale is over

Well, we didn’t have as good of a day sales-wise as yesterday, but I think we could call our sale a success. At the end nearly all of our significant items were gone, and what was left was mostly stuff that we didn’t mind taking to Goodwill. There were a few items that didn’t sell (a computer monitor, a half-working camcorder, some light-up christmas trees, etc.) that we also didn’t think Goodwill would accept. We put them near the curb with a “FREE” sign – within an hour it was all gone.

We’ve got a couple of boxes of books to take to the used book store, about 4 boxes of clothes, etc. to take to the Goodwill, and some tables to return.

Now, for the debits column of our balance sheet. We did a little shopping at our neighbors’ sales, and found a few good values. I picked up a mountain bike next door for $15 – it’s a Specialized Hardrock with Deore components. It’s a filthy, but in good condition and adjusted perfectly. I took it for a ride around the entire neighborhood checking out the sales, and it rode great. We also got a small microwave for $5 (for the camper) and a power mitre saw for $8. Just for kicks, I picked up a Kyosho Big Brute R/C truck with radio and batteries for $7.50. I’ve got another R/C car, and it’d be fun to be able to race against someone, and the price couldn’t be beat! Evan found a few toys, a bookshelf, and a set of patio furniture.

We met quite a few of our neighbors, and they’re nice people. As it turns out, we also met Dusty’s 2nd cousin, once removed, who lives just down the road. It’s a small world. Evan fulfilled his role as head of marketing pretty well, though he did blow the sale of the beach ball by playing with it! He had a tiring day, and for the first time that I can remember, he took a bath and went to bed without even a single fuss.

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