Does driving sedately really help gas mileage?

I just concluded a three week experiment with the gas mileage in my truck. My previous 3 fill-ups showed DISMAL mileage, that’s with moderately agressive driving, mostly to and from work (7 miles) in cold temperatures. I’m sure the fact that the truck was was cold for the first half of each trip didn’t help matters any. As a result I decided to try driving as calmly as possible for a tank.

The results are in, and the gain was 1.1 mpg. I’m not going to say how low the mileage has gotten lately, but I will say that’s about a 10% improvement. The driving was mostly the same, though the temperature was warmer and I did have a 30 mile round trip to the lumber yard with the trailer on that tank. It’s too early to draw any solid conclusions, so I’ll see how the next tank or two go.

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