Do you know what a bouzouki is?

It’s a musical instrument (somewhat guitar-like) that is often used in Greek music. Would you know one if you heard one? If not, Evan’s got you beat.

A bouzouki has eight strings arranged in pairs and is similar in appearance to a mandolin. The paired strings and tuning create a distinctive sound shared by the mandolin but not by a guitar. On one of Evan’s Wiggles movies, they have a song about Athens in which they briefly introduce and feature a bouzouki.

Well, last night I got out my mandolin to show Evan. He immediately ran over to see it, proclaiming “Zouki! Zouki!” I’d figured he’d think it was a guitar, but his guess was actually much more accurate. A little while later I was cruising youtube for bouzouki videos and found a duet played on a guitar and a bouzouki. Evan heard it and came running down the hall saying “Zouki! Guitar!” He’s known what a guitar is for a few months, but I was impressed that he could tell the difference!

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  1. Now if I can just teach the little dummy that traditional Greek bouzouki tuning and octave mandolin tuning are NOT the same thing! J/K 🙂

    It’s actually kind of nice- he seems to enjoy watching instruments being played, so I wouldn’t feel guilty practicing while he’s around.

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