Colorado Vacation – Day 12

Day 12:

  • Left camp around 9:30
  • Toured the Coors Brewery
  • Lunch at the Blue Canyon Grill
  • Visited Red Rocks Ampitheater
  • Stopped in Castle Rock for supplies and gas
  • Returned to Camp

Today we were supposed to leave camp by 9:00am to be in Golden for our reservations for the Coors Brewery tour, but we finally left camp at 9:30am, which meant a pretty quick drive to Golden. The participants in the tour were, Dusty, Evan, myself, Adam, Jackie, Jon, Ed, Walt, Ingrid, Mike, Don and Jayson (who met us there and identified us by our DML t-shirts). The tour took us through the process of beer-making, a little history of the company, and an explanation of the equipment. During the tour you could have a sample of Coors or Coors Light before it had even been bottled. You ended up at a lounge where each person got three drinks. I tried a couple of new varieties of Zima (not too bad) and Dusty had a Zima slush. Evan got sick of being inside, so Dusty left a little early. We took the shuttle back to the parking lot and walked a block to the Blue Canyon Grill (where Dusty and I had gone before) for a leisurely lunch.

After lunch we drove down to Red Rocks to see the ampitheater. Where we met up with Jason and Norah. Dusty and I had already been there as well, but Evan got a chance to run around and burn off some energy. He climbed a couple hundred stairs, holding our hands of course. We spent a little time there just relaxing, enjoying the views and the fresh air. The initial plan was to go to Bandimere for some drag racing, but everyone was too tired and the weather was threatening rain. It’s probably best that we went to camp, for Evan’s sake, but unfortunately Jon had made some custom bracket racing trophies.

We left to go back to camp and stopped at Castle Rock to pick up some more supplies and gas. Jason and Norah went to Golden for a while, and a few of the others did a little more offroading. Once again we finished off the day chatting around the camp fire. Once again we had some rain in the evening, but that didn’t pull all of us from the fire. We had a lot of firewood, but were restricted in how much we could use by the size of the fire ring. Nevertheless we got an awful lot of wood in the fire!

More stuff:

  • Adam giving Evan an empty beer cup, which kept him occupied for most of the tour
  • Some creative “sharing” of beer stamps on our wristbands at the Coors tour
  • A couple of people who weren’t driving after the tour (that’s a good thing)
  • The Coors shuttle, which takes you off of their property (assuming that’s for liability reasons)
  • The question “What is the DML?” many times in reference to our t-shirts
  • Tom’s “altar to carnage” as he used our magnetic light to help put his truck back together
  • Raccoons again ransacking DML HQ, even when all food and trash was taken care of

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