Colorado Vacation – Day 10

Day 10:

  • Left camp around 10am
  • Visited Garden of the Gods
  • Had Evan checked out at a doctor’s office
  • Caught up on some shopping
  • Grabbed dinner in town
  • Returned to camp and hung out by the camp fire

Today we didn’t get an awful lot accomplished. Around 10am we left camp with most of the DML to see Garden of the Gods. We looked around the trading post, drove through the park, and started down a 1.5 mile paved loop. A little ways Evan got extra fussy, so we turned around and went back to the truck to get him something to eat. He’d been very upset all day long, was pulling at his ears, and was getting worse than he was yesterday, so we decided to find a doctor’s office to check him out. We found one in Colorado Springs and the P.A. took a look at him. He’s got some sort of infection in his throat making him uncomfortable. They did a quick strep test, but it was negative. We’ll see what the longer test shows though.

The rest of the group finished up with Garden of the Gods, met of with Jon and Ed, and toured Rampart Road. We may go take a look ourselves later.

After leaving the doctor’s office we stopped at Walmart for some supplies. We were low on groceries, and our lack of FRS radios was making communicating with the group difficult. I picked up my 30-amp extension cord, and now the AC or space heater can run just fine (which is nice). We found some nice FRS radios- they also have weather band on them, which will be handy.

We returned to camp and shortly thereafter the skies blackened. None of the DML had returned yet, so I checked to make sure their camps were weatherproof. They rolled in a while later, Evan went to bed, and we just hung out and took it easy for the evening.

More stuff we saw:

  • Some neat formations at Garden of the Gods
  • Downtown Colorado Springs
  • Dave’s RC truck jumping over the wood pile
  • Adam blatantly disregarding the “No rock climbing” sign
  • A short hailstorm, and trying to get Walt’s truck out of it
  • Ketchup chips and dill pickle chips

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