Windows Mobile configuration – part 1 – email

Since my contract was up, I replaced my cellphone with a SMT5800 smartphone, which runs Windows Mobile 6.0. I’ve spent the last few days getting it all configured and syncing with my calendar, tasks, email and contacts. Frankly, I’m surprised how difficult this has been. Here are few of the frustrations I’ve encountered along the […]

Public Service Announcement 3: Carbon Monoxide Detector

While I’m at it, I thought I’d post my recommendation that everyone gets the appropriate number of carbon monoxide detectors for your home. Both my brother and sister have passed out from separate carbon monoxide poisoning incidents (don’t worry, they were OK). If you need a story to convince you, read this old post from […]

Public Service Announcement 2: Backups!

As you might have guessed from the previous post’s title, I have more than one piece of wisdom to impart. I have a question for you: “Are you backing up your data?” To cut the the chase, I recently had my 400GB Western Digital My Book external hard drive fail. I don’t know exactly what […]

Public Service Announcement 1: Laundry Room

On Thursday, we had an unfortunate malfunction. The water level switch in our washing machine failed to trip. The switch is the device in a washer that detects when enough water has entered the tub. As you can probably imagine, that switch failing means that the washer will continue to “fill” well past the point […]

Not the manly image they were shooting for

I still love my Toyota Tundra, but I think they’ve made a marketing mistake in one of their latest commercials. In the commercial I saw recently, a construction worker pulls up in a new Tundra on a job site. A coworker says to him, “A Toyota?”, to which the driver simply replies, “Get in.” In […]