Public Service Announcement 3: Carbon Monoxide Detector

While I’m at it, I thought I’d post my recommendation that everyone gets the appropriate number of carbon monoxide detectors for your home. Both my brother and sister have passed out from separate carbon monoxide poisoning incidents (don’t worry, they were OK). If you need a story to convince you, read this old post from Paul.

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  1. So, rather than leave a spankin’ new comment on Paul’s….

    My dad (a fireman, who investigated CO alarms) always put our CO detector as close to the first floor’s floor as possible. Our culprits would have been the furnace or hot water heater, both of which were in the basement – thus, placing the detectors low gave us maximum warning.

    However – if you’ve got a few different things throughout the house or on different levels, they recommend higher in hallways, since it’s more likely to mix in with air already in the house.

    BUT – every detector has different sensitivity levels and you should always read the instructions.

    PSA over.

    PS- occasionally fire departments have awareness days where they will pass out CO detectors, so if cost is an issue, call the local FD to find out.

    PSA really over now.

  2. See, I knew if I started this post someone else would fill in the details. I have Paul’s post for the emotional appeal and April’s comment for actual content! That was easy!

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