The most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten…

Tonight I had a pretty light dinner, so I went to the kitchen later looking for a reasonable snack. I grabbed a stalk of celery from the fridge, but I wasn’t sure that would hit the spot, so I grabbed the jar of peanut butter and spread it on. Oh yeah, I should mention that I have a cold and can’t smell very well.

One bite later I experienced the worst taste I’ve encountered. The peanut butter had turned rancid and was now stuck to my mouth, even stickier than regular peanut butter. I swished with about three glasses full of water, a cup of salt water and a mouth full of crackers 🙂 I brushed my teeth, had a soda and another piece of celery, and the taste finally started to subside. While I had my snack, I sat and watched Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs”, in which the host was rowing a boat across a retention pond filled with manure. The whole time I thought to myself that I wish I’d had a glass of that instead!

In fairness to the peanut butter manufacturers of the world, the jar was significantly past the expiration date, and my wife reminded me that I stopped her from throwing it out. Now I know better… The question is, will I ever be able to eat peanut butter again?

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