Superbowl Party

On Sunday, we had a few friends over to watch the Superbowl. Since the NFL seems to like putting the game in TV prime time instead of mid day, traveling out of town to watch the game (thanks for the invite, Brian) wasn’t really an option for us this year. This year’s get-together was a gathering of other folks in the same boat (except my sister!)

Three couples came over to hang out with us, and each has a kid around 2 years old. Evan had a great time sharing all his toys with his buddies, and we were glad to have the company! No major incidents or events to report- just the basic hijinks of a house full of two-year-olds up past their bed time. They were very well-behaved, though. Young Lilly did get a small scratch from our little cat… but she explained to us what happened. She pointed at Ginger and said “eat!” We asked her, “did you try to eat the kitty?” and she nodded and smiled!

I’ve posted the pictures on the photos page.

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