Playset construction has begun

In order to add a degree of public accountability to the project, I’m posting my progress on building a backyard playset for Evan in hopes that I’ll finish it as soon as possible.

So far I’ve got my plans drawn up as well as almost all of the materials purchased and hauled to the house. Right now, all we have is a tub full of hardware and an 1800lb pile of wood in the driveway:

Playset Materials

There are kits available at Lowe’s, Menard’s, etc. and you can buy sets from Rainbow, Pinnacle, Hillside Hideaway, etc. but I wanted to design Evan’s set myself. Most of the sets you can buy are either good for little kids or good for big kids, not both. Many have a 6 foot rock wall or a fireman’s pole, which are fun for older kids, but is basically just a good way for toddlers to tumble off. My layout is designed to be expandable as abilities increase.

This weekend’s weather is looking kind of crummy, but that’ll give me a chance to do some preparation and assembly in the garage.

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