Out of gas…

Yesterday we were around town and decided to test drive a full-size truck, just to see what it was like. Our salesperson was a young lady who’d only been on the job a couple of weeks. She came out to meet us in the lot and let us take one for a spin by ourselves.

We left the parking lot, drove about two blocks and turned onto a busy road. As I came out of the corner, I gave it a little gas and the engine began to sputter. Looking at the gas gauge, my suspicions were confirmed. We turned into the next parking lot and the engine sputtered to a stop as we were coasting into a spot out of the way.

We called the dealership and our salesperson came to rescue us with a shop employee and a gas can. They were apologetic, but we thought it was an interesting adventure! Thankfully we were able to coast off the road, since there were no shoulders on that road, and pushing a vehicle that size probably wasn’t going to work very well! For the record, we hadn’t even gotten to the nearest gas station when we ran out of gas, so someone was going to have problems in any case!

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