One color, $2.49

Today Dusty was reading Evan one of his favorite books. It’s a book about colors, with a kitten on each page dressed up in or sitting amongst some colorful object. When she turned the page, Evan pointed at a purple teddy bear and said “purpie!” From that we knew that he associated that page and bear with the word “purple”, but whether he actually understood the concept and knew the color we weren’t sure.

Later we went shopping for a few things and walked past the toy section in Target. He pointed at the giant cage full of cheapo inflatable balls and asked for one. We rarely get him toys, and he was asking very politely so we wheeled him over next to the bin and asked him to pick which one he wanted. I grabbed several balls out of the bin, but he refused each of them and kept asking “Ball? Ball?” “Which one?”, we asked him. “Purpie!” he said. We handed him the ball and finished our shopping while Evan repeated his excitement over his “purpie ball!” Two and a half bucks to teach a color? Money well spent.

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