Ok, I bought the Tundra

After a lot of deliberation, we decided to trade in our old truck on the new 2007 Toyota Tundra. We got a 2WD SR5 Double Cab with the 5.7L V8. For options, the one we chose has the rear sliding window, an upgraded audio system, heated mirrors, and some other minor things.

2007 Tundra

There are lots of reviews out there, so rather than repeat them all, I’ll just list the features that made this truck appealing to us. Some of them aren’t immediately obvious considerations, but it’s clear the designers thought a lot of things through.

  • Lots of power, but the engine is very quiet and smooth
  • 6-speed transmission, and the ability to select each gear individually for downgrades
  • Down Hill Assist Control (they don’t market that feature enough)
  • Front bench seat – center seat has lots of storage in the seat base and seat back
  • Cup holders that can fit Nalgene bottles
  • Aux-in port for iPod, etc.
  • Well-designed back seat that can fit a car seat in all three positions – the Dodge Quad Cab’s center position won’t work
  • Plenty of space under the rear seat for stowing bags, etc.
  • Transmission temperature gauge is standard (great for towing!)
  • Tight turning radius – seems same as my Dakota, despite the wheelbase being a foot longer
  • No sharp inside corners in the bed, meaning no spots for dirt, gravel, etc. to get stuck!

We haven’t found any real downsides yet, other than the added width and length making parking a little more challenging. The best surprise so far has been the gas mileage. The first tank, which was about 250 miles total, including 80 on the highway, yielded 15.7 mpg overall. For comparison, the overal average mileage I got out of my Dakota was 13.6 (ugh…), and the best tank I ever had on that truck was 15.5 mpg. I’m guessing the mileage will also improve after the break-in period.

I took our popup camper (2500 lbs) for a spin, and it pulled it effortlessly, which wasn’t surprising. We’re hoping to upgrade to a small travel trailer eventually, so I don’t forsee any problems with towing so far.

All in all, we’re really happy with our new purchase!

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  1. This would make 14…

    Actually, I think you had the right idea- buy what you want in the first place. I’m prepared to say my previous truck was a case of buying the cheapest thing that met my needs (i.e. fitting a carseat). My mileage is still significantly better than my old truck, BTW.

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