New popup camper article on Wikipedia

I am now officially a Wikipedia contributer. Tonight I submitted my article on popup campers on Wikipedia. I’m surprised that no one had ever written one up until now, but hopefully my submission will be deemed worthy and not deleted. I included a couple of pictures of our popup, since it’s easiest to use your own “work” (otherwise getting permission is a bit more convoluted).

This is my first real contribution to Wikipedia, and I’m neither a professional writer nor a world-wide expert on popups, so help out the article if you can!

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  1. Nicely done, my friend! I must say that as far as articles go, this is a notch above the rest – especially for new articles. Very well sited. My only suggestion would be to go to the trailer articles you link to and link back to your article. Maybe even re-use your images on those pages. That would drive a bit more traffic and get some more feed back on your article.

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