Indianapolis trip and new Evan photos

On a happier subject, we took a trip to Indianapolis last weekend. On saturday we took Evan to the zoo, which turned out to not be a very good plan. He mostly just wanted to get down and run around, which he couldn’t do. He started having a good time when we took him to the playground in the zoo. He played on the jungle gym and in the water fountains. He did somewhat enjoy looking at the animals. Everything he saw he called a duck, dog, kitty cat, or fish. Usually he wasn’t too far off. The first three he can say, but anytime he saw an animal behind glass he made the “fishie face” with his mouth.

On sunday we took him to the Children’s Museum. He had a pretty good time there. He obviously wasn’t real big on just looking at stuff, but the Playscapes area was a big hit. He got to play with a water table, with a sand box, etc. Mostly, he enjoyed just running around (not surprisingly). He spent a good portion of his time pushing around a plastic lawnmower or chasing after the kid who took it from him. I have some cute video clips I’ll try to post some time.

Indianapolis seems like a neat city. We drove around a bit, got a glimpse of qualifying at the speedway, grabbed a geocache, and found Bob and Tom’s studio. You can see photos from the trip, and new photos of Evan, on the photos page.

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