Independent music

I know the concept of musicians creating music without the aid of the major labels and the RIAA isn’t new, but I thought I draw a little bit of attention to guy I found by chance recently: Josh Woodward

I like his music, which is a mixture of folk and rock, but I also find his approach to distribution interesting. You can buy his CD’s from his website for $10 each, you can buy his latest album off of iTunes, or you can just download all of it for free. He also encourages you to copy and share his music with your friends without fear of being sued. I haven’t found much music put out by the major studios lately that I enjoyed, so I’d like to encourage those musicians who are taking a different route.

It’s worth noting that Josh is a loyal Fruhead (fan of the band Moxy Fruvous). As a matter of fact, he even runs the site! If you’re a fellow Fruvous fan (like me), take a quick listen to Josh’s work.

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