If only I had a camera…

This afternoon was the last performance of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” for the season, so Evan and I hung out backstage while Dusty was getting ready. Evan got to meet most of the cast and run around a bit, but his favorite element was the group of cloggers (ladies ranging from teenagers to retirees) warming up on the other side of the lobby.

Before he saw any of them dancing, he ran over to say hi. One of the cloggers bent over to talk to him and gave a few taps. Evan quickly returned the favor, stomping in his non-tapping shoes. Within a couple of minutes the whole group was clogging in a half circle as Evan twirled and stomped in the middle! When they finished their routine Evan led a round of applause and ran up and down the line giving high fives and shaking everyone’s hands. For some unknown reason, he skipped one of the ladies on both passes down the line. I guess now we’d better get him some tap shoes 🙂

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