Published: 10/25/2020

I made a FIRST Lego League game table that splits into three pieces so it can be hauled in my car, but moving the table and all the equipment from the car to the meeting space was a big chore. So I made a simple low-profile cart that can carry all the stuff yet still hit easily in the car.

I’m not providing plans, because your table is probably different from mine, but here are the parameters in case you want to build one yourself.

  • The right side of the cart fits the 3 stacked pieces of the table. It’s about 1/4″ or so bigger than the table.
  • The left side of the cart fits the 18 gallon tubs we use for transporting our gear. In any case, I’d keep the total width less than 29″ so you can fit through any door. That’s also why I transport the table on edge.
  • The plywood is 1/2″, and the rest is 1x lumber. That keeps it light. It’s still in good working order after 4 seasons of heavy use.
  • The handle folds in and lays flat on the floor of the cart.
  • The back of the cart stows flat against the floor when stowed. It’s held in place by dual-lock left over from a field kit.
  • When the back is raised, it’s held at a 90 degree angle by that diagonal 1×2, which has a dowel on the end. A piece of paracord keeps it from opening too far. The back has boards on either side to keep the table from falling over.
  • I put small casters on the front, and non-pivoting wheels on the back.

After you load the table into the car, fold the cart down, flip it upside down, and put it on top of the table.

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