The 12-step program

No, none of us are alcoholics, but Evan is getting over a dependence: something to hold on to while standing. Tonight we were playing with Evan. Dusty sat across the room while I stood Evan up and and let him hold on to my fingers. We’ve done this before, and usually Evan tries to go toward her but won’t let go of my fingers (at least not with both hands). Tonight he decided to kick the habit. He let go of my fingers, stood there for a couple of seconds, took about a dozen small steps and dove into Dusty’s arms. After the first two steps I think he realized he could actually pull it off, as he started smiling and laughing instead of his usual tactic of dropping to the floor to crawl. Most of his little buddies are pretty good at walking (they’re a few months older though), but before too long he’ll be able to keep up with them!

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