Windows Mobile phone setup part 3 – calendar

In part 1, I described how I got email syncing to my new smartphone. In part 2, I pretty easily got tasks syncing properly. In this installment I’ll tell you what it took to get my Google Calendar synchronizing to my smartphone. As I described earlier, I don’t have the proper version of Outlook for […]

Windows Mobile phone setup part 2 – tasks

In part 1, I described what I was hoping to accomplish with my new smart phone. In this installment I’ll describe what I had to do to get my tasks synchronized to my phone. The well-established way to synchronize contacts on a Windows Mobile device seems to be to use Activesync to synchronize tasks with […]

Windows Mobile phone setup part 1 – email

Since my contract was up, I replaced my cellphone with an SMT5800 smartphone, which runs Windows Mobile 6.0. I’ve spent the last few days getting it all configured and syncing with my calendar, tasks, email and contacts. Frankly, I’m surprised how difficult this has been. I already keep much of this information online, so now […]

Archiving old email – part two

In the previous post, I described my method for archiving my old email in Thunderbird. As promised, here are some notes about cleaning up your inbox in Thunderbird. Removing duplicates One great tool I like to use is the “Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)” Thunderbird extension. To use the extension, you must first set the options, […]

NiMH Battery Testing Complete

After several weeks of testing, I’ve finally completed my analysis of all my rechargeable batteries. I know I’ll probably catch a little grief for spending my time on a seemingly pointless endeavour, but using the results of these tests, I’ll know which of my batteries I can trust. I’ve also learned a little bit about […]