A new Wiggle

Today in a press conference, Greg Page, known to parents and toddlers around the world as the yellow-shirt-wearing Wiggle, announced that he is quitting the group due to a recently diagnosed chronic health problem. Evan is a HUGE fan of the Wiggles. For those of you without Cheerios ground into your carpet, the Wiggles are a hugely popular musical group from Australia known for their kids’ show. “Greg Wiggle” is the lead vocalist of the group.

The Wiggles plan to continue touring with a new yellow Wiggle, Sam Moran, who has actually been with the group for ten years as a backup singer and “Professor Singalottasonga”. Sam has been filling in for Greg over the past several months and now has officially been handed the yellow shirt.

The Atterberry household would like to offer our best wishes for good health to Greg, who has taught Evan such phrases as “Dig Dig Dig!”, “Quack Quack Quack Quack”, “Bow wow!”, “Dough Dough Dough, Dough-D-Dough”, and “Wake up Jeff!”

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  1. Wow, that’s a blow. One can only hope for good health for Greg. And good ‘health’ to The Wiggles themselves. Luckily kids aren’t quite as picky or critical of changes of this scope to things they like, and some may not even notice. Here’s hoping good things come of a bad situation…

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