#1 on Google!

Alright, I finally got this site to the number 1 spot on Google- well, when you search for “Korey Atterberry”, that is. I had some old sites out there that were getting the top results, so I had to get rid of them. I also had to put in the meta-tag keywords on this site so that the search engines knew what this site was for. This site really should be #1, as I’m the only Korey Atterberry in the world that I’m aware of, and this is my definitive site. Yahoo, on the other hand, still puts this site on about the 4th page…

For what it’s worth, this site is the #2 hit for “atterberry” and the #30 hit for “Korey” (after all the pages about Korey Stringer). I was kind of surprised those were so near the top… It’s also interesting searching for my old jazz combo’s name: “four wild and jazzy guys” (with the quotes) and seeing how many matches there are.

By the way, welcome to my new email subscribers. Sorry for the mistaken notification the other day, and I hope I don’t bore you too much!

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