Transcribing Fruvous

Well, it’s been two weeks without any posts, so I figured I’d at least say something here. I do have another sort-of project I’m working on. In two weeks Dave and I are getting together down in his basement for a recording project. We’ve got a half a dozen songs picked out that we’re going to mess around with and record. None of them are original, none of them will be as good as Paul’s, but they should be fun to do.

I spent a good portion of the past two nights transcribing a song called “Splatter Splatter” by a unofficially defunct Canadian band called Moxy Fruvous. They’re a quirky quartet that puts a lot of emphasis on vocal harmonies, which may be why they’re my favorite band. This transcription was a challenge. The lead sheet and chords weren’t too bad, but there are a lot of backing vocals. Listening to each section about a dozen times, I think I got them. The little nuances and minor variations each time through the chorus make the song interesting to listen to but hard to transcribe. This may have been my first accordion transcription, now that I think of it (hmm… accordion – though ought to pique your curiosity…)

Some other songs on our list are “It’s Alright” by Huey Lewis and the News, some DaVinci’s Notebook, “Coney Island Baby”, “Sixty Minute Man” as recorded Rockapella, and the crowning glory, the Chipmunks Christmas Song.

You may notice a lot of a capella songs on the list. That’s because there’s less preparation required for those and fewer tracks to record. You may also notice a lot of lame songs on the list as well. That’s because I’m lame.

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  1. I am also really looking forward to recording this project on Wednesday! Korey’s done a great job with the “Splatter Splatter” transcription…and I am feverishly working on “Coney Island Baby”, since free public domain versions appear to be nonexistent. (You would think that such a common barbershop song would be easily found on the Internet…but noooo….)

  2. Oops- Sorry Dave, your comment got lost in moderation limbo. I’m still looking for a little more free time to finish up the mixdowns, but we’re getting glowing reviews. Dusty heard our rendition of “Coney Island Baby” and said “That doesn’t sound like you guys.” That’s good enough for me!

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