Tang is home from surgery

After a lot of research and consulting with the vets, we decided the best thing to do for Tang was to have them amputate his leg as they suggested. His surgery was yesterday and he got to come home today. We’ve got him in a large enclosure in the bedroom right now, since we’re supposed to keep him from jumping up on stuff and hurting himself for a few days. It’s amazing how well he’s adapting already. He can hop, though a little clumsily, from one end of his cage to the other already and he’s eating and drinking just fine. He also wants his big bare belly rubbed 🙂

It’ll be several days before we hear the results of the biopsy, and regardless of the results his prognosis is still uncertain, but we’re hoping for the best. We also learned today that the company that manufactured the vaccine that made him sick will pay for a good portion of his treatment if the biopsy indicates that the cancer is related to that vaccine. Even if they don’t though, I’m glad we did the surgery. He’s been a good friend to us, and no matter what happens, I’ll be able to live with myself knowing we did the best we could for him.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that at least the initial prognosis seems to be okay. In my experience, when animals that were sick are eating/drinking again, it’s a good indicator that they are on the way back to recovery. Which leg was it, one of his back or one of his front?

  2. It’s his right hind leg. He seems to be hopping along alright without it. It looks kind of like a human on crutches when he walks. I heard someone say that animals have three legs and a spare, and I think that’s true!

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