Remember the Milk

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been using an online to-do list called “Remember the Milk.” Now that I’ve got a couple of weeks of experience, I’m going to recommend it. To sign up, just visit You can separate your tasks into separate lists (work, finance, hobbies, etc.) and set priorities. You can also import your tasks from Microsoft Outlook if you want. My favorite feature is the ability to integrate into your iGoogle page. Finally, you can send tasks to another user, which I haven’t tried, but could be neat.

There are a lot of reviews of Remember the Milk and iGoogle, so I won’t add yet another one. I just wanted to cast my vote for this setup as a workable system. It’s not a perfect setup, but it’s been treating me better than paper lists, and unlike Outlook, I can access it from anywhere! If you’re interested in setting it up and have problems, let me know.

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