Playset construction day 4.86

Ok, I’ve given up on counting days, but I put in a number of evenings of varying length (including four night under artificial light until 10pm). The playset main tower isn’t entirely complete, but it is now able to be played on. I’m in the process of building the swing beam.

Main Tower

The next step is putting in some mulch underneath the structure, for safety. I’m having 20 cubic yards (15,000 lbs) of mulch delivered. The plan is to enclose the back part of the yard with some landscaping timbers and mulch the entire area, 1250 square feet. That’s going to be a LOT of mulch, but I’m borrowing my parents’ lawn tractor and wagon to help move it from near the road back to the playground area.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos of the semi-completed tower and the swing beam under construction on the project page.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse, but I hope to make some good progress this weekend.

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