Live-action Simpsons intro

In case you haven’t seen it, there’s a live-action version of the Simpsons opening credits floating around, and as a big Simpsons fan I had to share!

Simpsons Opening Credits

They made it pretty true to the original – the only things I noticed different at first glance (without having the cartoon version handy) were driving on the left side of the road (it was shot in Britain) and Lisa not playing a baritone sax. Oh yeah, they’re not yellow and have five fingers too…

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  1. That’s the first thing Dusty said as well! It also seemed that Lisa was older than Bart. I wish I could find the opening credits for the animated version somewhere so I could compare. If someone has them, please post!

  2. I donno… I think the only one who looked right was Homer.
    I give them props for the attmept, and it was actually pretty awesome in spite of them not looking quite right. What a hard thing to try to even pull off.

  3. I’ve been trying to see the animated version to compare, but all they’re playing on Fox is the shortened version (the one that jumps straight to Homer running into the garage)…

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