Tonight we went to Walmart for some necessities, and while we were there we got Evan a little treat. It’s an Aquadoodle Mini Mat with Thomas on it. It’s just a little pen that holds water along with a couple of coloring book pages. When you get the pages wet, the black and white pages turn colors.

Well, when we got home I tried to get it set up so Evan could play with it. All I had to do was fill the pen with water, which shouldn’t have been too hard. Evan was standing by waiting, patiently for the moment. According to the printed instructions on the pen, I just had to “twist cap to remove.” After several minutes of grunting I eventually resorted to a couple of pairs of pliers. Even then, I had to stop just short of shattering the plastic. Eventually, I discovered that they used right-hand threads… Turning it the other way quickly solved the problem.

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  1. That’s hilarious! Clayton got the exact same thing last year for Christmas! He managed to get the lid off and handed it to me to fill with water. It took me 5 minutes before I realized why it wouldn’t stay on…

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