He can whistle?

On saturday Evan was sitting on the floor playing with a toy when I heard a weird sound. I thought maybe he had a cold and his nose was whistling. When I saw his face, he had his mouth puckered and was quietly whistling. He only knows one or two notes, but still… I didn’t know little kids could do that. We didn’t try to teach him that, but sometimes I whistle at him because it makes him laugh. He’ll even whistle back if you whistle at him.

I sometimes joke to people that at first babies can’t do much that a pet couldn’t do, and that they slowly make the transition from pet-like housemate to a tiny little human! 🙂 Try teaching a dog to whistle!

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  1. Hi Korey, Well reading about our little boy is second best, would love to see some of this first time events for real. So many new things will be happening now. He probably wonders what you get so excited about Keep us in the know G

  2. Korey I imagine our little guy has grown since we’ve seen him. Too bad we don’t live closer. Is he still whistling? Hug him for us.

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