Getting ready for his big boy bed

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a twin size mattress on the floor of Evan’s room next to his crib. There have been a few nights where he wasn’t sleeping well, so that way one of us could go sleep in his room to keep him company so the other could get some sleep.

Well, tonight, after his bath, Evan decided he wanted to go to bed. Rather than reach for his crib as he normally does, tonight he laid down on the bed on the floor. Fine by us, if that’s what he wants! We left his room and we could hear on the monitor that he got up and moved around some but wasn’t complaining any. After a couple of minutes we could hear that he’d fallen asleep.

A while ago we thought we’d peek in to check on him. We shut off all the lights and started to open his door, but it wouldn’t move. He fell asleep on the floor against the door 🙂 He woke up just a little bit ago so Dusty settled him back into his bed (he still refused the crib). I guess we’ll see how he does tonight. We’re building him a special bed, so maybe he’s getting about ready for it!

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  1. Amazing how kids will just start doing stuff like that. Clayton just, *poof*, started using the bathroom. However, his transition to the big-boy-bed was not so smooth.

    And now it’s time for Eli… Lord help us…

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