Drying rack for cloth diapers

I’m in the middle of a rather large project, so I decided that I’d go for a “quick win” (as they say at work) to get something posted here. I wrote up a quick page about the DIY drying rack I threw together. It literally took longer to write the page than to build the project.

diaper drying rack in laundry room

View the Cloth Diaper Drying Rack project page for more information.

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  1. When the dryer runs, does it shake the rack off? Some sand in the bottom pipes (the horizontal ones) would give it some extra stability and shake-resistance.

  2. Sure – that would work. I haven’t had any problems with shaking, but if I put it on the washer things might be worse. I imagine those stick-on rubber feet might help too.

  3. Cool! *makes note to self for child planning* 🙂

    You could also buy some of that non-slip grip liner, the kind you put in cabinet shelves…I use it in my vehicle trunks to keep emergency kits and other things from sliding around, among other uses, and it’s cheaper than buying the rubber feet.

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