Charge on, Charge on Bradley!

Although I’ll admit most years I don’t follow the team, I’m proud to announce my alma mater is in the Sweet Sixteen! Congratulations to my “nourishing mother!” They haven’t made the tournament since I was a freshman, and the last time they made the third round was 1955. They’ve defeated the number 4 seed and number 5 seed, so we’ll soon see how they handle the number 1 seed.

And now, for a reference almost no one will get: “C-14! C-14”

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  1. OK help me out here. all I can think of is carbon 14 dating. atomic # of carbon is 6 so this would certainly be a charged ion–charge on- charge on?? I probably am way off base but it was a shot.

  2. … I heard about it all weekend! Brian was mad, ’cause his brackets got screwed up because of Bradley. Oops. 🙂

  3. Ah, that’s the one! I couldn’t remember if it was #5 or #9, having played in one game in the past 7 years!

    C-14 is one where I don’t get to breathe for an entire timeout.

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