What’s going on with Packet8’s Freedom Choice 500 plan?

We use Packet8 for our home phone service. It’s an inexpensive VoIP service which provides 500 outgoing minutes for $15 a month. Today I received an email from Packet8 (now known as 8×8) which says:

8×8 will be discontinuing the Freedom Choice plan, and effective June 1, 2009, your plan will be changed to:
8×8 Freedom Unlimited Plan – $24.99/month

June 1st is monday… and they’re increasing my bill $10 for the privilege. To top it off, the Freedom Choice 500 plan still shows up on their website right now.

Since I just got the email 3 hours ago, there’s not much information on the net just yet. I’m hoping the straight story comes out pretty soon.


  1. Sounds like they are hurting for money. I bet it’s going to hurt more when they lose most of their customers.

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