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    At least the kid is cute. If we only had a mask for the chick holding him like she’s afraid of him 😀

  2. Hi travelers, I’m going to go upstairs and tell Grandpa that I just left Colorado. Sure enjoyed the pictures and your travelog. I wondered at the one with you and Evan in the creek and sure enough there was Dusty panning for gold. I started at the last day of pictures but will go back for days 1 2 and 3. Have fun Take care Love G

  3. Hey it’s Bethany. I am at grandma and grandpa’s and we were checking the photos out. I like Evan in the creek and on the slide. Did ya find any gold? Hope your having fun.

  4. OK, OK, I’m a bit slow , but did find the photos. So when do you want to move there? Evan looks like he sure is having a great time! Since I saw cactus and lizards–did you make a stop in Mason County on the way out?

  5. Thank you, almost as good as a real visit, but no, last Sunday was bgetter. Was he in that pile pof clothes? G

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